Long and short term rental

Choose renting instead of leasing! Utility vehicle rental is the most flexible solution! We offer vans, lorries, trucks, communal vehicles, tractors and semitrailers suitable for a variety of transport tasks. Due to the flexible rental contract options offered by our company, you may choose long term, short term, indefinite or even 1-day rental constructions.

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Why is it good to rent?

  • Predictable costs

    The costs of transport can be planned: all expenses are covered by the rental price (e.g. maintenance, taxes, insurance, etc.) Our vehicles can be put into service by paying a monthly rental fee.

  • Replacement vehicle without delay

    You cannot afford to have vehicles out of work; therefore, in the event of breakdown, repairs are performed as soon as possible, or a replacement vehicle is provided.

  • Excellent technical and aesthetic condition

    As a result of regular maintenance our vehicles are in an excellent condition technically and aesthetically, which will give your customers a good impression of your company.

  • Economical operation of vehicles

    Our modern vehicles are equipped with a tracking system through which the vehicle and the driver can be monitored continuously. This allows for substantial fuel savings.

  • The administrative work is on us

    You can save time and money by allowing us to do the paperwork. We will take care of everything for You, whether it be insurance, license plate, tax or technical administration.

  • Flexible adaptation, fleet management

    Our rental constructions enable your company to adapt to a variety of tasks, making it even more competitive. For example, if your transportation assignment changes, your vehicle may also be exchanged for one that is more suitable for the given assignment.

  • Compliance with the standards

    Legal provisions are becoming increasingly rigorous. You need a transport vehicle that complies with the regulations at all times

  • Unique design needs

    Is the image of your company a major concern to you? With long term rentals, you can put your unique graphic design or logo on the vehicles.

  • Car rental for private partners

    Individuals will need a credit/debit card to pay the rental fee and create a deposit, besides signing the contract and the GTC.

    IMPORTANT: cash payment is not possible; payments can only be made via bank transfer or by credit/debit card.

    IMPORTANT: cash payment is not possible; payments can only be made via bank transfer or by credit/debit card.

    Further details related to payment can be found in the GTC. On creating a deposit, see: “How can I pay the deposit as an individual?”

  • How can I pay the deposit as an individual?

    For short terms rentals no deposit is required from individuals. Bring your credit/debit card and our colleague will pre-authorise a security deposit on your account. Deposit refunds are given immediately upon returning the rented vehicle. Accessibility of the amount in question is determined by the internal rules of procedure of your card-issuing bank.

    IMPORTANT: In the event of a fine received for the period while the vehicle was in your use, your account will be debited for that amount and, of course, all the documents related to the fine will be sent to you.

    Further details on this can be found in the GTC.

  • How can I rent a car as a company?

    If your company meets the requirements for a credit check, you must pay a security deposit (which is usually equivalent to a monthly fee of 1 or 2 months) and pay the first monthly fee after signing the contract and the GTC.
    IMPORTANT: cash payment is not possible; payments can only be made via bank transfer or by credit/debit card. On reception of the funds, you will receive a notification telling you when your vehicle can be picked up from our premises.

    Further details on this can be found in the GTC.

  • For what time period can I rent a vehicle?

    You can rent a vehicle for a one-day or for a 1-72-month period.

  • What is included in the rental fee?

    “Full Service” includes vehicle depreciation, leasing fee, maintenance, repair, replacement of tires due to wear, replacement of vehicles for long repairs, periodic vehicle tests, CASCO insurance, compulsory insurance, weight tax and administrative costs related to the registration of the vehicle.

    Besides the above, other rental constructions are also available. Enquire about these at our suppliers.

    Further details on this can be found in the GTC.

  • Where can I return and drop off the rented vehicle?

    At the moment we have two pick up and drop off sites in Hungary and one in Slovakia.


    • Vans, trucks: H-1097 Budapest, Táblás utca 38.
    • Tractors, semitrailers: H-2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Leshegy utca 13.

    The whole Slovakian fleet is managed on one site: Poľná 17, 903 01 Senec, Slovakia

Terms of rental services and payment

Below you will find a short, simplified summary of the terms and conditions of the contract.

Contract procedure and conditions

  • Company register, specimen signature, authorisation
  • Credit check
  • Deposit (it may be a sum equal to a monthly rental fee)
  • Identity card; driver’s license held for at least one year
  • Driver age requirement: 21

Payment method:

  • Bank transfer:
  • Credit/Debit card (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa)

Rental fee includes the following:

  • CASCO insurance
  • Compulsory insurance
  • Road tax
  • Comprehensive maintenance services
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Tire replacement
  • Roadside assistance
  • Replacement vehicle

Fuel price is borne by the lessee. Unless otherwise agreed vehicles are rented without motorway toll stickers.

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