BYD ETP3 – Pure Electric Panel Van

Build your dreams! BYD Design Technology is central to BYD’s DNA, and the company’s strong R&D ability is vital to its rapid development. Following its “technology-based, innovation oriented” development philosophy, BYD believes that technology has…

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Benalu Optiliner tipper semi-trailer

The Benalu Optiliner is an aluminum chassis, lightweight, pallet-wide tipper semi-trailer for transporting light bulk goods, granules or grain, but also for palletized cargo. The OPTILINER pallet-wide tipper meets these requirements with its vertical side…

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ISUZU 3.5T tipper truck

The ISUZU 3500 kg tipper truck has a maximum load capacity of 1200 kg. We tailor the vehicle to suit your needs. A body that can be tilted in up to 3 directions is available.…

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Kögel Cool refrigerated semi-trailer

It is most commonly used in the transport of refrigerated and tempered goods. The Kögel Cool refrigerated semi-trailer can be rented in different designs: split body, double deck, city delivery, for transporting hanged meat, etc.…

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