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How do we load a moving van?

Valuables, documents, heavy objects, beds, couches and mattresses. In our guide we show you the correct loading of the moving truck.

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For safety and fast loading, it is advisable to place the heaviest load in an „H shape”. Use a lashing strap to prevent objects from slipping, it is also recommended to distribute the load evenly on the loading surface.

  • Documents, valuables

    Keep your documents and minor valuables with you in the cab so you can easily access them whenever you need.

  • Heavy objects

    Start loading at the top of an „H”, so it is recommended to place the heaviest items, such as a refrigerator or washing machine, in the front part of the cargo area.

  • Tables, heavy objects

    Tables can be placed in the middle and we can put heavier boxes under them.

  • Mattresses

    Place the mattresses on the left side of the cargo area.

  • Beds, couches

    Beds and couches should be placed on the right side, opposite the mattresses.

  • Nehéz dobozok

    The „H shape” will be complete by packing the remaining heavier boxes at the back of the cargo area, in the middle of the loading surface.

  • Small boxes, heavy objects

    It is recommended to place smaller boxes and other smaller items around heavier boxes so you can make the „H shape” perfect.