RENT-A-VANFast rental of vans

Information on VIARENT fast rental

Why would you wait for the moving services? Do it yourself!

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  • What does fast rental mean?

    • Short-term utility vehicle rental, in a quick and easy way
    • You can rent for even 1 single day
    • From 9,900 HUF
  • When is fast rental recommended?

    • Urgent move
    • Furniture transport
    • Corporate sourcing
    • Purchase of a larger item (e.g. furniture)
    • Transport of a larger item (e.g. motorcycle)
    • Renovation (e.g. holiday home)
    • Event preparation (e.g. wedding, conference)
  • For what other reasons do we recommend the VIARENT RENT-A-VAN service?

    • No need to wait for the driver
    • You don’t have to wait for the vehicle to get to the address provided when you need it
  • Why would you prefer to rent a vehicle to move instead of hiring a moving company?

    • We don’t have to wait for the movers to arrive
    • No call-out charges
    • There is no need to let strangers into our apartment
    • There are no lost boxes, furniture or other items during loading, as we take care of it ourselves
    • Cheaper
  • Vehicle types

    We offer 9 different basic vehicle types, from small vans to 16-ton refrigerated trucks

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