About rent

Why rental?

Plannable costs

The costs of transportation are plannable, no further expenses such as service, tax, insurance etc. The vehicles are ready to take even by paid just one monthly fee.

Immediate replacement vehicle

You cannot afford to get vehicles out of work so we will repair them as soos as possible or provide a replacement car.

Excellent technical and aestethic condition

The vehicles will make good impressions for Your customers because of the regular maintenance done by VIA Bérautó.

Economic operation

Our modern vehicles are provided with vehicle-information system what makes easier the check up on the driver and the vehicle itself. By this, huge amount of fuel can be saved.

We manage the administration

Not managing with administration cases can save You money and time as well. We handle everything instead of You such as insurance, license plate, tax or technical administrations.

Flexible adaptation

Due to the rental constructions You can adapt to any kind of task and became more competitive. For instance if your freight task changes, if the circumstances are given, we change your vehicle.


The legal regulations are getting stricker. You need a transportation vehicle what meets all the prescriptions.

Personalized design

Is the image of your company important for you? In case of long term rental You can place your company’s logo on the vehicle.

Rental and payment conditions

Required for rental:

  • Certificate of business registration, specimen signatures, authorization
  • Deposit ( at least one monthly rental fee )
  • ID card, driving licence ( must be older than 1 year )
  • At least 21 years of age


  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa)

The rental fee includes:

  • Mandatory liability insurance
  • Comprehensive repair and maintenance
  • Service provided
  • Tyres
  • Tow truck service
  • Replacement vehicle

(Fuel is the customer’s expense and
vehicles are not toll registered initially)